Juna Beauty Spa

Lash Course



Learn Classic or Volume Lash Techniques with Juna


The lash certification class is taught by Juna's Judy and Naomi.

Classic Lash Class


Two Day Class

Next Class Date: November 26th and November 27th
Class Hours: Monday 9AM - 5PM, Tuesday 9AM - 5PM

The Classic Lash Course will give you an understanding of the theory, practice, and fundamentals of becoming a Lash Artist. 

  • Foundation of Classic Lashing Basics and Fundamentals.

  • Instruction book detailing eyelash extension fundamentals and application

  • In-depth understanding of Lash Industry.

  • Hands on practice of applying single lash to single natural lash.

  • Understanding of curls, lengths, and eye shapes.

  • Training kit that includes all essential tools and supplies for the class and your first customers

  • Continued support for students who have taken our class

  • Lunch for each of the class days is provided

  • Juna Certification for Lash Applications


Volume Lash Class


Discount for students who have taken the Classic Lash Class

You will need to provide two models for your second day.

Two Day Class

Next Class Date: To be determined.

This class will introduce you to a more advanced technique known as "fanning", which creates a fuller look with more length and curl.


  • Designed to advance your education once you have mastered the Classic Technique.

  • Extensive hands-on practice and demonstration.

  • Introduces you to the multiple methods used to achieve proper Fans.

  • Add unique techniques to your skillset to set you apart in the industry.

Private Class

You will need to provide your own model.

This is a class that will strictly be a hands-on practical curriculum to advance your skill level as an individual.

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